Children's Theater

Step outside of yourself and into a new character. Students will learn how to properly perform a play while learning; body language techniques, vocal dynamics and improvisation. Class curriculum is based on connecting with the audience and telling a story through acting and facial expressions.

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Open Classes

Classical Ballet

SDP Ballet will cover basic ballet steps, terminology, and vocabulary while focusing on the student's awareness of body alignment and technique. Dancers will learn barre work, center exercises and  ballet choreography combinations, all while focusing on flexibility and core strength.

Ballet  Jazz Combo

SDP Ballet will cover basic ballet steps, and the fundamentals of jazz techniques.  Dancers will learn kick, leaps, turns and ballet barre work.  Choreography will focus on flexibility, core strength and technical skills. 

Hip-Hop  Jazz Combo

Let's get into the hip-hop and jazz groove! Dancers will learn the fundamentals of rhythm and hip-hop texture, including pop and locking, breaking and jazz techniques. This is high energy class that will make you sweat!


Let's tumble! Students will learn basic tumbling skills as well as skills that will focus on improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Skills of focus include:  Pre-cartwheel, Somersault,  Bridge, and Backbends.



SDP Semi-Competition Program

This program is designed for dancers who love to perform but cannot commit to an extensive dance schedule. Students train for 3-5 hours per week in; Classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and tumbling


SDP Competition Program

This program is for serious dancers who are committed to training and competing. Dancers in the SDP Competition Program train for 4-6 hours per week and are trained in styles such as; Classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and tumbling.


Protégée Program

Train and assist with top SDP faculty and Master Class Series Faculty. Students who would like to be selected for the protégé program are evaluated throughout the year


Auditions take place from summer to fall for all competition programs, for ages 7-18.  To audition for SDP, please contact us


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